Nomad Electric constructed and energized 50 MWp solar park

This 50 MWp solar power plant covers an area of 57 hectares and is located in the Lubusz Voivodeship. Nomad Electric, as the first company in Poland, built such a large-scale PV installation entirely based on solar trackers. This solar park is already generating electricity that can annually power more than 28,000 households.

The 50 MWp solar farm covers an area of 57 hectares, the equivalent of 82 football pitches. It was built on an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) basis by Nomad Electric’s engineering team. Their scope of work included the construction of the Main Substation Point (Główny Punkt Odbioru or GPO) and WN (high voltage) infrastructure, as well as its connection to the distribution system operator’s facilities.

We’ve completed the construction of this installation on schedule, and now we are moving on to the next phase of work. Our O&M (Operations & Maintenance) team has taken over the plant and we’re responsible for its operation together with the Main Substation  and its infrastructure. This year, several more farms with a total capacity of 100 MWp will be added to our O&M portfolio, along with high-voltage Main Substation services. This is an area where we have expertise and that’s why Nomad Electric started to provide of EPC, O&M and SCADA services for wind farms. Legislation also favours the development of this new business line. On 1 October, an amendment to the Renewable Energy Sources Act came into force, introducing regulations related to cable pooling. This is a significant step forward in the development of renewable energy in our country, as it allows us to overcome the problem of numerous refusals to connect to the grid. We now have the possibility of hybridising farms, combining a photovoltaic plant with a wind farm in one connection node. These two sources, working in tandem, complement each other and increase the total amount of energy fed into the grid, allowing for a more efficient use of existing grid connection capacities. In Poland, we currently have 9 GWp of wind power and 4 GWp of photovoltaic power. This is a huge potential and we want to use it to significantly strengthen our presence in the renewable energy market,” – says Paweł Czaus, CEO of Nomad Electric.

The farm is equipped with around 100,000 modules on solar trackers, which allow the solar panels to follow the sun’s path across the sky. This solution optimises their efficiency and enables a greater amount of electricity to be produced. The solar park also includes 1,500 module tables, each equipped with its own drive system and controller, which is responsible for communicating with the technologically advanced monitoring centre and the proprietary Nomad NX SCADA system, as well as for the movement of each table. With the right configuration, a small motor can turn multi-tonne tables from east to west.

With the launch of this 50 MWp PV installation, we have added another source of green energy, which is a crucial element in our country’s energy transition. Currently, the company’s portfolio includes almost 300 MWp of EPC projects and we already have over 1.3 GWp of O&M, making us a leader in this field,” adds Paweł Muszyński, Nomad Electric’s Sales Director.

After completing the EON (Energisation Operational Notification) and ION (Interim Operational Notification) procedures, the solar park is already generating electricity. This process does not produce any pollution and thanks to this investment, clean energy will flow to over 28,000 recipients, preventing tens of thousands of tonnes of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere every year.


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18 Dec 2023
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