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We invest in and use state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, constantly searching for innovative solutions that increase the efficiency and performance of PV plants under Nomad Electric management. Our focus is on big data and machine learning algorithms.

Advanced analytics, newest tools and automated work all of this contribute to the high quality of Nomad Electric’s O&M services. We use cutting-edge technology and are always looking for new solutions that, combined with the support of our expert O&M team, enable us to maximize the return on your PV investment.

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supported by SCADA Nomad NX

We have developed a proprietary SCADA Nomad NX, that enables remote monitoring and real-time control of power plant operations, providing comprehensive analytics designed specifically for the needs of our O&M and B2B customers. With Nomad NX we can access historical data on the state of the plant and its equipment, we are able to quickly identify potential sources of production loss and take preventive and optimization measures to ensure that the assets under our management operate at maximum efficiency.


Using the electroluminescence phenomenon for module testing, we are able to identify the exact location of any damage in the silicon layer beneath the surface of the glass panel. This innovative inspection process is available in both our fixed laboratory and mobile one, which can be located on the farm.

PV plant diagnostics using thermal imaging drones

We have in-house specialists and our own fleet of drones equipped with high-resolution thermal imaging cameras. They can measure the temperature distribution in the cells and detect hot spots. This diagnostic method allows rapid troubleshooting and reduces repair costs. We provide our customers with detailed reports analyzing the inspections performed, ensuring complete transparency throughout the process.


We offer detailed technical audits of photovoltaic power plants at every stage of their operation. The advantage of inspections performed by Nomad Electric is our hands-on experience.

We perform extensive data analysis to evaluate performance, identify potential issues, and develop a list of solutions to be implemented. Our audits go beyond verifying the accuracy of construction and electrical work, and can serve as the basis for optimizing the operation of power plants.

MV/LV Measurements and Diagnostics

Our team consists of employees with many years of experience and extensive technical knowledge, who use top-quality equipment to perform a full range of diagnostics and specialized control and measurement work on electrical power devices.

Power quality testing and reactive power compensation consulting

Diagnostics and post-failure control of MV/LV power equipment and apparatus

Testing of generating units to obtain the Energy Use Permit (EPnU)

Inspections of containerized substations, a comprehensive range of tests and measurements of power equipment

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