Operations & Maintenance

Nomad Electric offers a full range of O&M services and has an experienced and qualified team of specialists who use the best equipment and latest technologies to deliver high levels of energy production and maximum yield for PV plants.


We develop O&M on an international scale

We provide expert support and top-quality services to our clients. Nomad Electric in-house team of experienced engineers specializing in O&M is dedicated to implementing the best possible solutions and practices. We always focus on the highest quality and innovative approach to our services, which makes us a trusted and reliable partner for investors.


Full range

We provide energy infrastructure maintenance that enables us to prevent breakdowns and keeps costs down. Our periodic inspections are performed according to established schedules and components warranty requirements. We provide comprehensive and timely repairs that meet the adopted SLA parameters to ensure equipment performance and production targets are met. We also provide a full range of services related to DSO billing, accounting and invoicing, insurance claims handling, and monitoring the performance of warranty condition inspections.

24/7/365 monitoring,
and cybersecurity

Periodic inspections
and preventive service

Repair service


Spare parts warehouse
and stock management


Asset management
and administration

Additional services,
i.e. mowing, winter service, cleaning PV panels, etc.


Monitoring Center

The monitoring center operates 24/7/365 and is equipped with the latest technology and proprietary SCADA Nomad NX. With over 120 TB of data processed annually from all of our assets, we’re able to quickly identify any deviations in production or indicators and take action to resolve potential problems. All data is automatically analyzed by algorithms which accurately detect possible deviations in production or indicator levels and support the prioritization of activities. This enables rapid response and resolution of potential problems, thereby helping to minimize downtime and maximize energy production.

The SENTINEL platform allows digitizing and automating all maintenance-related processes. From inspections to repairs, our system makes it easy to create and preview tasks, check their status, and quickly generate reports on the work performed. With an integrated mobile application, we can monitor the location of service engineers and track the progress of field operations in real-time.

We use new technologies adapted to O&M activities:


Thermography using drones

Proprietary SCADA
software Nomad NX