Engineering, Procurement, Construction

As a „turnkey” service provider, we design (Engineering), purchase components (Procurement) and construct the power plant (Construction) including the infrastructure. From start to finish, Nomad Electric is committed to delivering the highest quality of execution.

The „turnkey`` formula

We comprehensively implement photovoltaic power plants projects

We know from experience that proper design of a photovoltaic farm, taking care of its environment and selecting the right equipment, significantly improves the productivity of the plant. This translates directly into financial results of the investment.

We have experience in building 1 MWp farms and utility-scale solar parks. We successfully implement investments connected to the power grid at both medium and high voltage. We have already built installations with a capacity of over 282 MWp, while other projects are under preparation.


We provide comprehensive services

Engineering & Permitting

Procurement & Logistics




What we do


In the design process, we pay attention not only to technical correctness. We take care to optimize the CAPEX of the investment and take into account the costs associated with the subsequent operation and maintenance of the power plant.


We develop detailed technical specifications for the project or work on the basis of the Investor’s guidelines. We conduct periodic audits of our suppliers, and work only with reputable suppliers of components and equipment to ensure the highest quality installations and timely deliveries.

Construction & grid connection

Guided by a proven investment management model and EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) requirements, our experienced team of Project Managers, Engineers, and Construction Managers take direct responsibility for every project we implement. We maintain strict control over the quality and timeliness of work. We also take full responsibility for independent plant commissioning, which accelerates the PV farm energization process.


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