Nomad Electric aims to become One Gigawatt company in O&M

Nomad Electric, a leading provider of Operations & Maintenance services for large-scale solar parks, has signed contracts for technical service of more than 800 MWp. The company expects to reach more than 1 GWp of assets under management in the coming months. Nomad Electric focuses on the profitability maximisation of solar farms through the use of state-of-the-art technology, data science and superb quality of engineering skills.

So far in 2022, Nomad Electric has signed O&M contracts for large-scale PV installations with a total capacity of 374 MWp, while the entire portfolio of managed farms has reached more than 800 MWp. The Company aims to expand the project portfolio to more than 1 GWp and also expand geographically with the first projects in Iberia and Italy.

Already signed contracts are the best proof of trust among investors and confirmation of our performance. An experience engineering team combined with high-tech, data-driven processes is the key to ensuring the best productivity of solar parks. The O&M area is driving innovation in the sector, particularly digitisation, data processing and the use of drones. That is why, at Nomad Electric, we use and invest in state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, but we are also constantly looking for new solutions, especially in the areas of big data processing and Machine Learning algorithms. – commented Paweł Czaus, CEO of Nomad Electric.

See the unseen

Nomad Electric performs diagnostics using the SCADA system supported by tools for advanced data analytics. This way algorithms allow to verify the performance of tens of thousands of strings in real time. With these solutions, a team of service engineers quickly detects and rectifies faults to make energy production as efficient as possible.

The analysis of farms is supplemented by, among other things, thermal imaging inspections using drones equipped with high-resolution cameras. The company also offers “X-ray checks” of modules using electroluminescence imaging.

Monitoring Centre

The company recently opened a high-tech Monitoring Centre which is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and software. On a high-resolution media wall (up to 8K), operators-analysts monitor, among other things, current farm productivity results, alerts and notifications, weather maps and the status of ongoing maintenance works. The main tool used by the centre’s operators is the SCADA system and Nomad Electric has developed its own software ‘Nomad NX’ which controls power generation in real time, immediately alerts about plant disturbances and allows fully remote plant control, active and reactive power management and tracker control.

The Monitoring Centre also uses a Field Service Management platform providing digitalisation and automation of all maintenance processes. All collected data is automatically analysed by algorithms to quickly detect possible deviations in production or indicator levels and to prioritise actions for the monitoring centre as well as the field staff. This enables rapid response and resolution of potential problems, thus helping to minimise downtime and maximise energy production for farm owners.

Plans for the future

In 2023, we plan to focus primarily on further international expansion in line with the proven operational model for operating farms developed to date. Over the next few years, the European photovoltaic market will double and reach approximately 300 GWp of capacity. Such rapid growth presents a major market opportunity which we intend to exploit. We are growing dynamically and have ambitions to be one of the five largest companies in Europe offering O&M services for large-scale photovoltaic farms. – comments Paweł Muszyński, Business Development Director at Nomad Electric.

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18 Dec 2023
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