Nomad Electric expands its portfolio of O&M projects

Company received for servicing several dozen PV installations of a total capacity of over 150 MWp, located in various parts of Poland. In the following months, Nomad Electric will start providing Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services for further installations of over 550 MWp.

The Company’s O&M project portfolio currently exceeds 1 GWp. The installations taken over in 2022 are already connected to the grid, while the energy generated by them brings about an annual emissions reduction of ca.124,000 tons of CO2 and is enough to power about 80,000 households. As part of the signed contracts, Nomad Electric provides comprehensive management of farms and guarantees keeping up the assets’ productivity.

Photovoltaic power plants are an important link in the energy transformation process. According to the SolarPower Europe report, the solar energy sector is the fastest-developing energy source and the most reliable. In 2022, its total capacity in the EU countries reached a level of 208.9 GW. At the same time, photovoltaics plays an increasingly important role in the global energy mix.

According to the data provided by PSE, on the country-wide level, the PV capacity installed in 2020 was 1.18 GWp, while currently it is over 12 GWp. The operator estimates that by 2030 the rise in photovoltaic capacity will be approx. 14.3 Gwp. Given the dynamic pace of development, one can reasonably expect that these plans will materialise even faster than the forecasts indicate. New installations will constitute an increasing share of the national power system, i.e. the critical infrastructure. Therefore, professional management, maintenance and service of PV farms during the long-term process of their operation as well as raising grid security will be of key importance.– says Pawel Muszyński, Business Development Director.

Before a PV farm is taken over by Nomad Electric, technical documentation of the installation is always thoroughly checked and the installation is audited according to the methodology designed by the Company. In 2022, solar parks managed by Nomad Electric attained high productivity levels and failure-free scores, and all parameters from the business plans relating to the assets under management were met.

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18 Dec 2023
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