Nomad Electric has secured PLN 10 million in funding for the construction of PV farms

Nomad Electric, a leading Polish provider of comprehensive services in the field of design, construction, and maintenance of large-scale PV installations, has signed a financing agreement worth PLN 10 million with mBank. The company has the option to increase the credit to PLN 20 million. The funds will be used to implement the current portfolio of orders for the construction of farms in the EPC model.

The company is currently implementing a portfolio of photovoltaic farms located throughout Poland with a total capacity of over 168 MW, including farms with the highest capacities of 27MW and 35MW. A large part of them uses tracking systems (trackers), which allow for the movement of photovoltaic modules and their optimal positioning and angle relative to the sun. This solution allows for an increase in the efficiency of the installation and, consequently, maximizes profits from energy production.

Our company has become one of the leading general contractors for large-scale photovoltaic parks within 3 years. Therefore, we have a strong market position and we want to meet the increased demand for our services. The financing we have received from a trusted partner such as mBank will certainly help us in this. We also want to continue to develop beyond Poland, as photovoltaics is a sector that has excellent prospects throughout Europe. – said Paweł Czaus, CEO of Nomad Electric.

In addition to implementing photovoltaic farms in the EPC model, Nomad Electric specializes in Operation & Maintenance services for large-scale photovoltaic installations. The company has so far entered into contracts for technical maintenance, including maintenance and service, for installations with a capacity of over 800 MW.

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18 Dec 2023
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